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Be there from anywhere

Experience face-to-face conversations, even when you’re miles apart.

Person seated at laptop in office stands up and checks smartphone screen. Person seated on bench with headphones on looks at laptop screen with hands clasped. Person seated at desk alone in office types on laptop. Two people talk and smile at conference table with laptops open. Two people using American sign language have a conversation seated on the same side of an office table. One person signs “That’s not a good idea”. Close up of person’s face while signing. Person smiling in response. Close up on seated person talking to another person in a seat. They gesture in conversation. Camera moves back to reveal the Starline display and table and that they are using Starline for their conversation. We see both individuals on the Starline display gesturing and smiling in conversation.

How it works

The Starline experience

Imagine chatting with your loved ones or colleagues across the country and feeling like they’re right in the room with you. With Project Starline, this is no longer just imagination. Our breakthrough technology makes remote conversations feel like you’re in the same room, without the need for additional glasses or headsets.

Seated person moves her head left to right and smiles while looking at themselves on the Starline display. The screen splits down the middle to reveal a colorful representation of same person on the right hand side using 3D imaging. The camera zooms in on the 3D image of the person and the entire screen becomes animated large round colorful dots. The colorful dots animate into several lines which move in waves from left to right across the screen. The waves then multiply back into colorful dots and back into a full screen 3D image of the person. There is a left to right wipe and the video repeats.

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Starline achieves this sense of presence using advancements in AI, 3D imaging and other technologies. Our light field display creates a sense of volume and depth, delivering an immersive communication experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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What the data shows

Starline helps you feel closer from wherever you are

Two people seated using American Sign Language to communicate over Starline. Person seen laughing and signing “I agree” on Starline display while camera moves around the back of another person’s head in the foreground. The viewer is unable to see what they are signing.

play silent looping video pause silent looping video

Remember more of every conversation

Our research reveals a ~30% boost in memory recall. The immersive, face-to-face experience helps you retain information and make the most of every interaction.

Feel more present with those you connect with

Starline users experience a ~15% increase in visual attentiveness. Enhanced 3D rendering and spatial audio create a sense of presence that helps you truly focus on what matters most.

Experience more natural conversations

Our data shows Starline conversations contain up to 50% more nonverbal communication. Notice subtle gestures, nods, and expressions that enrich understanding and deepen connections.

All improvements noted are compared to traditional video calls. Learn more.

What’s next

We’re partnering with HP to deliver the next-generation of communication devices.

Image 1: [Image box top left of 4 images ] Person smiling in conversation while using Starline. Image 2: [Top right of 4 images] Person with hand over his heart on Starline display. Image 3:[Bottom left of 4 images] Person smiling on Starline display while engaged in conversation. The back of the head and hand of person in the foreground, gesturing with a hand by pointing up and looking at Starline display. Image 4:[Bottom right of 4 images] Woman smiling on Starline display. Back of the head of a person in the foreground she is facing.

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Two people in conversation using Starline. Person smiling on Starline display while engaged in conversation. The back of the head and hand of person in the foreground. There is a laptop and eyeglasses on the table between them.

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